Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Attempt

Paper mache is something new to me. I'm working on some mask projects for a children's art program I'm teaching in this summer. It's such a wonderful program. It's a 4 week day camp for children in Southeastern Ohio. These kids have NO art classes in school until high school. Imagine no art class. I can't imagine my elementary years without it! If you want to read up on the Circle Round the Square program, just click here.
Okay, so back to the paper mache... I'm teaching mask and costume making (for a play they will put on) and have decided on paper mache masks from recycled materials. (no big surprise there!)
This sun mask is my first attempt. It's made from an old computer box, news paper, flour paste, and old tissue papers from Christmases past.


The moon is still in progress. This one I had my two older kids do much of the work to make sure they could finish each step in our allotted time. All we have to do is cover it in tissue now.
These over sized masks are a lot of fun. I was inspired by a Bread and Puppet Theatre performance I saw this spring. This is the basic look I'm going for. It's great on stage, and something that's quite accessible for the kids.

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