Thursday, January 28, 2010

Migration Dream

I haven't just taken out all my papers and created a collage in such a long time. How fun. Should be done much more often. This, though was created for a workshop -- a Valentine workshop, no less! I taught a collage class last Saturday, in the guise of a Valentine making class. Only two people came, and in the spirit of seeing where things took us, we decided to ditch the "Valentine" theme. (and the more "traditional" Valentine making techniques I had planned)
We created some "wet" collage first. On a piece of freshly made, newly couched handmade paper, collage other thin papers on top. These papers should be dipped in a water-mod podge solution first. Then press and dry the papers as you normally would. The finished product is a collage that looks like it is part of the paper.
We also made some collages on 5x7 pieces of book board. I just had them choose from a bunch of paper I brought in. I brought in cut out images, lots of printed design paper, hand made paper, paste paper, unryu tissue (my favorite!), and old wrapping paper. Somehow this didn't even make a dent in my supplies at home. That's either really impressive, or really sad... We just put gesso on the board to prep it, and used mod podge (love it!) to paint our pieces on. So simple, and as always, so satisfying.
I really should do it more often. It's good for the soul.
This one I titled the minute I finished.
It's called "Migration Dream".

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