Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My goodness, has it been since September!??!! Well, the holiday season sure is a busy one for us crafty types... But now that 2010 is here, it is time to think about my upcoming show. This will be my first show -- and I am quite excited (and a little nervous).

I've been collecting sheets of handmade paper that I've been making over the past year or so, and plan on making collages out of them.

Here are some pieces for the first one I'm working on. The paper was made from scraps of pulp I've been collecting from the drain at the studio. I think it's made up of cotton, abaca, hemp, and flax -- plus some other random things I'm sure...

I'll post more as I work on it. The show isn't until June, so I've got plenty of time...

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  1. Susie, these are looking good. How exciting to have your first show coming up. A good beginning for the new year which I hope will be filled with peace, joy and love and lots of creativity.